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COSMOWHITE® is our specific line of products for the finishing of biodegradable leathers.


Leathers finished with COSMOWHITE® products are more than 90% biodegradable and do not release phytotoxic and chemical-toxic substances consistent  with the criteria of eco-toxicology, health and environmental protection established by the Reach regulations. COSMOWHITE® makes it possible to obtain eco-sustainable leathers that are highly acceptable for the wearer, while maintaining the very high quality, feel and performance of leathers processed with traditional products.


Environmental issues are becoming strategically pivotal  for any business. Being ready to face this challenge with the right partners is crucial to succeed in the market.

HTF has always been committed to cutting toxic and polluting substances, to the development of products with low environmental impact such as the biodegradable COSMOWHITE line.

We have decided to embark on a new, immediate and sustainable project for all our customers, with the ambition that it will become a wish to achieve that goes beyond simple economic and advertising interests.

The innovative ZenZero range is the accomplishment of this new ecological awareness making it accessible to all.

ZenZero products are researched to drastically reduce the consumption of non-renewable sources such as oil. This is on account of  high content of bio-derived substances from renewable sources.

With ZenZero it is possible to produce more environmentally sustainable leathers with a certain percentage of renewable biomass immediately and without any effort.

Change is already happening.

ZenZero is the key to zero environmental impact.

ZenZero is a preference for the use of renewable matter.

ZenZero is a clear route towards  a shared goal.

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